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Most university and college graduate students face a dissertation. The main task of this type of assignment is to demonstrate, at the end of the qualification course, a set of necessary knowledge, abilities, and skills that are presented to a given educational level.

Writing a dissertation is a complex process that requires a lot of effort and time. The paper should be distinguished by originality, in-depth study of the problem, and its non-standard solution. Unfortunately, the student does not always have such resources, and therefore the best solution is to use dissertation writing help from a qualified service.

WriteMeMyEssay.com recruits a team of experts, which has extensive experience and knows all the nuances and features of the project to provide quality dissertation service. At the same time, you do not need to spend your own time looking for a topic, scientific materials, learn to generalize, analyze, systematize and conduct experiments. This will be your best investment in education!

Dissertation assistance service by WriteMeMyEssay.com is rated 4,9/5 based on 404 customer reviews.

The Selection Process of Writers at Our Custom Dissertation Assistance Service

To guarantee you high-quality papers, we carry out a rigorous selection of writers. Before a potential writer becomes part of our team, they must pass two tests: theoretical and practical. First, we check if the dissertation writer has higher education. Then, if everything is in correct with the documents, we allow the expert to pass the tests.

The theoretical test is to test the knowledge of the writer in the chosen discipline. We will individually select tests in which the writer must answer questions without errors. Only after passing the theoretical part, we allow the writer to pass the practical test.

A practical test is to place the writer in a real situation in the service. We give the writer a written assignment - within a limited time, the writer must compose an article without errors, plagiarism. We also evaluate the consistency of the material and the completeness of the disclosure of the topic. If the writer has proved himself to be an organized and grammatical expert in extreme conditions, we invite him to cooperate.

You Can Order Dissertation Writing Service On Any Discipline

You can order write my dissertation in any discipline, on any topic and research. Most often, students want to get help with a dissertation:

  • In psychology - usually, in such works, the writer conducts, according to different methods, a comprehensive study, describing and analyzing various psychological phenomena.
  • In marketing - on this subject, various global experiments with marketing influence on people, business, and government are often used. You can discuss with the writers the issue of composing the dissertation individually.
  • In jurisprudence - jurisprudence, as a very broad branch of sciences, implies the possibility of implementation with an emphasis on a particular type of law.
  • In philosophy - even though philosophy is a purely humanitarian science, no one wants to spend evenings writing a dissertation. We offer either complete writing and proofreading services for your needs.
  • In economics - dissertations in economics are usually performed to analyze an enterprise's activities, state, or a particular government body.
  • In linguistics - we guarantee composing a dissertation in English without errors. Our team has quality linguists who do this.
  • In programming - the IT sphere is developing rapidly, and many in this area do not have time to write a dissertation since this is a rather long process with writing programs and code. To find out how much the work costs, fill out the order form.

If you haven't found your science, don't despair. In the order form, indicate the exact name of the topic and discipline - we will select a qualified writer with a large baggage of knowledge in your area.

You Can Order Custom Dissertation Writing Service In Any Style

Regardless of your discipline, all scientific articles should be formatted in the same style. We can create dissertations in the following formats:

  • APA. Most often, in this one, writers format papers on psychological topics. Writers know by heart how to create quotes, footnotes, tables, fonts, and the structure of articles in the APA technique. Therefore, if formatting scares you, entrust you're writing a research paper to our professionals.
  • MLA. Most often, writers format dissertations for the humanities in this technique. All techniques are different - for example, in MLA, you do not need to create a title page. Our writers are well aware of these and other nuances.
  • AMA. Most often, writers format papers on medical topics in this style. The AMA Style Papers Guide contains over 1000 pages. Therefore, in addition to analyzing sources for research, you will need to study the AMA technique in detail - otherwise, your article will not be accepted. Why spend so much time learning styles? Entrust your research paper writing assignment to professional medical writers.
  • Chicago. Most often, in this style, writers format papers on sociological and historical topics. The technique was released in 1906, and today there are 16 editions. Therefore, you will also need time to learn all the nuances of the Chicago style, taking into account the past editions. To save time - choose our writers.
  • Turabian. Most often, writers format dissertation research in this technique. Turabian is very similar to Chicago, which is not surprising because Kate Turabian created both techniques. It would help if you were a real pro to distinguish the differences between the techniques. Turabian is designed for works to be used by a narrow audience, not published. Therefore, if you are writing research for a limited audience, entrust it to our writers.

If you need help with formatting the paper differently, please inform our managers or specify the style requirements in the order form.

Students' Reviews about WriteMeMyEssay.com
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Why Is Dissertation Assistance Service From Us Better Than Others?

Every day, thousands of students contact us for help and leave positive feedback. Why? Because we offer the best conditions for cooperation. Below we have described the main advantages of our dissertation services - familiarize yourself with them, and you will discover what the secret of our help service's success is.

Writers Create Papers From Scratch

Most dissertation writing services create articles from a single template. Our writers take a completely different approach. We have developed an algorithm for writing dissertations that all writers follow:

  • Carefully study the topic.
  • Select sources of information from closed libraries to make your article convincing.
  • Create a plan to make the dissertation look logical and structured.
  • Write the article according to plan so as not to miss anything important.
  • Format the document according to the style of your choice.
  • Check the text for plagiarism.
  • Correct all mistakes, and you will receive a brilliant dissertation.

As you can see, the authors consider all your requirements so that the dissertation meets your expectations. Thus, you will receive an individual article that you will not find anywhere else.

We Guarantee 100% Free From Plagiarism

The dissertation should include the statements of authoritative people - quotes. Most students make the mistake of not adding a link to the source, thus making the article sheer plagiarism. There are also known cases when students copied other people's dissertations, passing them off their own. Doing so could result in a suspension of scholarships and, in the worst case, expulsion. Are you willing to risk your academic reputation? If not, use the phd dissertation writing service from our experts. Writers know how to make quotes, so you don't get accused of plagiarism. Moreover, they never copy information from Wikipedia or other open sources. The authors have good writing skills and will fill your dissertation with unique words, research, statistics, facts, arguments.

Our Team Consists of Ph.D. Writers Over 4000

The authors at our custom dissertation assistance service are leading teachers, researchers, journalists, linguists with academic degrees and practical experience working on master's dissertations, MBA dissertations, and doctoral dissertations. The research conducted by our experts will meet the requirements of relevance, scientific character, and all the criteria of the academic rules of today.

A paper made by our professional authors will allow you to avoid plagiarism problems. It will enable you to gain a reputation as a conscientious, educated student striving to realize his potential in the professional field with the highest results. Moreover, our team consists of over 4000 Ph.D. writers - that's why we can help with any theme. We work with alumni from the best universities in the US, UK, Australia, and the authors are native English speakers.

We Always Deliver Papers On-Time

The minimum term for composing academic papers is three hours. Regardless of the deadline for writing, we always deliver papers on time and, in some cases, before. Moreover, the quality of the documents does not suffer. Our professional dissertation writing service experts have learned to work at an extreme and fast pace. Therefore, if you are desperate and do not know how to write a dissertation in one day, contact our writers for help, and we will instantly solve your problem.

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What Our Dissertation Service Needs to Know to Start Working on Your Task

On the homepage of the website, you can find the order form. To get help, you need to specify the following data:

  • Discipline and theme of dissertation.
  • A number of pages.
  • Academic level - school, college, university, master’s dissertation, Ph.D and MBA dissertation.
  • Writing time: 3-8 hours or 1-14 days (mind that urgent dissertation will be more expensive).
  • Requirements for writing.
  • Writing instructions.
  • Paper format: MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.
  • Personal data - name, phone number, email.

When you buy dissertation from us we will quickly process your request, and if you have any questions or need help, we will contact you. After that, you will need to confirm the request by making a payment. However, the author will receive money only when you are completely satisfied with the quality of the paper. When the document is ready, we will notify you by email or phone. Then, you can download the finished dissertation to your account, or we will send it to you by email.

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