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Dealing with a Criminal Justice Paper: Tips and Topics

August 11, 2021

Criminal justice research papers are considered to be one of the most complicated in Law. At the level of complexity, this type of assignment is somewhere nearby Healthcare Studies and Nursing. What are the main difficulties these topics have? Some of them may be too broad with a lot of peculiarities to consider. Others may be too narrow with few informational sources in its regard. Also, in this case, a writer should think better about arguments, formulate maximally clear statements, and keep in mind many other things. We will tell you about most of them here.

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While Speaking about a Criminal Justice Research Paper

This research paper deals with exploring aspects of criminal justice. These fields, in conjunction, learn how to prevent, detect, and analyze cases of criminal justice offenses. Such fields are precise, that is for sure. But, they also deal with ethical and social aspects.

While you research a criminal justice topic, it is necessary to review respective justice legislation and court acts. It is also important to review the findings of people who researched a topic or worked with it closely. And, of course, there are many requirements it is necessary to follow while doing this writing. Here are only the most important of them that our writers have prepared for you. Here is one last important point before exploring such pieces of advice.


What is the most important point why exploring the science of studying criminal justice? It is crucial to understand the difference between the theoretical and criminal justice research sections. The theory deals with the legislation matters only. It should not deal with case studies, court hearings and refer to the history of the question. The last matters are related to the practical side of the discipline.

Law&Crime research covers all offenses and illegal acts, from robbery to cybercrimes. So, there can be numerous topics, depending on the type of matter. Also, an enormous number of peculiarities should be covered while dealing with this aspect. These are chronology and lists of important legal acts that have to be applied, the chronology of special cases and events. And while writing about such, it is good to have a guideline on how to arrange that well.

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Criminal Justice Research Writing Tips

If you aim at dealing with this academic justice research task well, we have prepared useful pieces of advice. Such can be very helpful for college students and not only. So, what do we recommend you to do:

  • Choose a topic connected with justice you find interesting if you have such a chance (we will suggest you good criminal justice research paper topics on the matter a bit later).
  • Research the topic well – choose only credible sources and interesting cases of justice system
  • Shortlist all ideas that appear in your mind while thinking about the matter
  • Think about your hypothesis for a paper and supporting statements
  • Review legal justice acts related to the study case
  • Collect information about famous cases on the investigated matter (use only accurate sources)
  • Write a couple of drafts while doing your justice research
  • Apply readability and grammar checkers
  • Pass your paper to somebody for review if you have such a chance
  • Check all formatting requirements that have to be applied to this paper

These are basic tips to follow while working on your criminal justice research. But, if you feel troubles with exploring such a topic well, we have a good list of questions to ask.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself

So, you may probably see lots of informational sources while exploring criminal justice research topics. How to review such information well and get the most precious pieces of such? We have prepared for you a list of questions we suggest you ask while working on your paper:

  • Does a topic relevant to criminal justice research matters?
  • Is there any importance of a topic in personal terms?
  • Does that paper have significance in terms of global importance?
  • What are the most common opinions on the investigated matter?
  • What are the most important counter opinions?
  • Are there any research works of similar nature?
  • What additional information has to be included (like information about concrete cases)?

“Everything is More or Less Clear… How to Choose a Topic?”

Have you already reviewed a lot of Internet sources searching for the right topic for your paper? Does that appear to be too problematic to you? Or have you not reviewed any single source yet? In both cases, these criminal justice research topics may help you to get rid of the problem of making a difficult choice.

Controversial Criminal Justice Research Topics

  • Ethics and Essence of Capital Punishment
  • Importance of Eyewitness
  • Limiting the Rights of Police Officers
  • Legal Codes Variations Between the States
  • Violence during the Studies
  • Crimes Are Things Impossible to Prevent Totally
  • Role of Music in Crime Propaganda
  • Age in Crime

Basic Crime-related Research Topics

  • Core Benefits of Private Prisons
  • Causes of Domestic Violence
  • Abuse Prevention Methods
  • Court Procedure for Crimes
  • Relation between Cultural Peculiarities and Religious Offenses
  • History of Criminal Justice Ethics
  • Preventing Crimes during Studies at School
  • Harassment at a Workplace
  • Basics of Legal Investigations for Crimes

Criminology Research Topics

  • Responsibilities of Incarcerated Parents
  • Reforming Criminal Justice
  • Discussion on Gun Control
  • Single vs. Organized Crimes
  • Is It Necessary to Make Them Stricter: Laws for Guns Possession
  • Police Power Abuse
  • Methods for Preventing Human Trafficking
  • Juvenile Justice System
  • Criminal Justice Laws of a State (pick the one you are interested in)
  • Motives of Armed Groups
  • Correcting Justice Methods for Cyber Criminology
  • Campaigns for Preventing Drunk Driving and Related Crimes
  • Art Fraud: Causes Consequences, and Ways for Prevention
  • Social Media Role for Identity Theft
  • TV Violence and Child Abuse
  • Causes and Prevention of Aggression to Homeless People
  • Analysis of the Street Situation and Unemployment
  • Methods of Forensic Research
  • PTSD Rehabilitation for Witnesses of Crimes

Racism and Discrimination Crimes Research Topics

  • Legal Apartheid for African Americans
  • Racial Prejudices in American Prisons
  • History of Slavery and Punishments Related to It
  • Discrimination during Investigations
  • The basis for Racial Conflicts
  • Causes for Raising Crimes among Immigrants
  • Fashion Cultures That May Impact on Crimes

Criminal Law Research Topics

  • Basics of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
  • Essence and Types of Punishment
  • Grounds for Releasing from Criminal Liability
  • Legislation for Combating Cyber Crimes
  • Programs for Witnesses Protection
  • Analysis of False Confession of Criminals
  • Possibility of Remaining Neutral while Dealing with Mental Disorders
  • Legislation of 20th century

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International Matters of Criminal Law Research Topics

  • Human Rights Violations during the International Conflicts
  • Ways for Protecting Human Rights Violations during International Conflicts
  • Conditions When the International Intervention May Be Acceptable
  • Procedures for Considering Cases in the International Criminal Court
  • Analysis of the International Tribunal
  • Ethics of NATO Operations Analysis
  • Transnational Crimes Analysis
  • International Cooperation of Police Authorities
  • Child Soldiers in International Conflicts
  • Drag Trafficking Ways and Methods
  • Modern Existing International Offenders

Society and Justice Research Topics

  • Social Preconditions to Severe Crimes
  • Theory of Social Control: Essence and Application
  • Methods of Social Learning
  • Rehabilitation and Life after Prison
  • Relation between Feminism and Aggression
  • Matter of Music Piracy
  • Process of Restorative Justice
  • Stress Management for Preventing Crimes
  • Power Abuse in Criminal Justice System
  • Disputes about Prison Labour Ethics
  • Socially Important Criminal Court Cases
  • Ways for Preventing Crimes among Children and Adults
  • Social Influence and Opinion for Crime Detection and Prevention

Final Words

If writing a criminal justice research paper appears to you too complicated at the moment for some reason, if you don’t like it, or have no time to review it precisely, don’t worry – contact us. Our experts are ready to come to help you. Get your unique and well-created paper from our service in a couple of simple steps.

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